• Software Developer

    Sloan is a software developer with 18 years experience in a variety of industries. He currently works as a senior programmer at PixelNAUTS Games in the Niagara Region of Canada.

  • Books

    Sloan has authored two books scheduled for a January 2017 release through Apress on Python and BlitzMax

  • You Tube Videos

    Sloan has made over 100 videos on his channel with over 155,000 views and 1,300 subscribers to his (mostly) game dev tutorials.

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Python and PyGame

All the resources for the book Python, PyGame and Raspberry Pi Game Development.


All the resources for the book BlitzMax for Absolute Beginners.

You Tube Videos

Coming Soon: The starting and completed solutions for each of the YouTube projects.


Sloan Kelly is a developer with 18 years experience working with clients to produce software of the highest standard. He has a proven track record of development and always keen to learn new techniques. Sloan is fond of sharing his experiences and knowledge with others, this has eventually led to him authoring books and writing and presenting video tutorials on various subjects.

Unity Game Engine.

Sloan has used the Unity Game Engine for four years. As part of PixelNAUTS Games, he helped develop the game LOST ORBIT which can be described as a fast-paced deep-space dodge-'em-up. Sloan served as Senior Programmer on the team and was involved in all aspects of the code base including localization, audio, ghost data and cloud service integration.

LOST ORBIT was released last year to critical acclaim and maintains a 77 metascore on MetaCritic.


C# is Sloan's primary 'daily driver' language because it is used by Unity as their scripting language. Before he discovered C# in 2000, he was a Visual Basic and Pascal coder and 'cut his teeth' on Sinclair BASIC as a child.

He has authored two programming books that are not C#; one on Python and the PyGame framework and the other on BlitzMax. Both revolve around making games; the best way to learn something is by having fun.


Sloan is happy to spread the love he has for his chosen career with others and works as a part-time professor at Niagara College teaching a variety of subjects including an entry-level programming course (C++), networking with WinSock (C++ / C#) and 2D/3D graphics programming (C++ and DirectX / DirectXTK).

With a YouTube channel to keep fresh with videos, Sloan finds time (somehow) to produce a 20-30 minute tutorial almost-weekly on game development.

  • Awesome Channel, you did help me out a lot!

    Robin K
  • Thanks for the tutorials. I just started learning coding thought that making a card game would be the best way to start and your videos have been very instructive.

    Ak Bd
  • Thanks for all the tutorials. I learned a ton!

  • AMAZING Tutorials! Watching through your card tutorial was a real eye opener.

    Eddy Scott

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